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LED Screens & Visuals

At ePower Australia, we have products that would inspire your audience with creative visuals through our hi quality LED screens. We provide inspiring and unmatched experience for your audience – outdoor or indoors. We serve our clients with our latest and updated LED screens, Video production facilities, custom and tailored screens for events, promotional and or advertising screens, Custom LED screen billboards and much more.

We provide Design, Installation, Management and Support of LED Screen & visual equipment in theaters, seminars, outdoor events, meeting and function rooms, stage screens etc and also provide mobile LED screens on trucks and trailers for the venues.

We have a dedicated ‘Service Centre’ to cater to growing needs for providing ongoing support, maintenance and repair or replacement services for all types of LED Screens and related hardware/components.

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Great Mobile LED Screens

We provide large LED screens on trailers that are fit for outdoor cinema, outdoor viewing of TV Broadcast, LIVE Video, Internet Feeds and or similar events. Mobile LED screens on Trailers and Trucks provide instant setup at any outdoor venue. The screens are ready to display your content as soon as we are in position at the event.

LED Trailer screens require on-site power to operate but our LED Screen trucks are ready to work anywhere – even alongside a road and display your content.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is ever growing and provides an excellent opportunity to the advertisers to tailor the advertisements for a targeted outdoor advertising campaigns. Our LED Screen Truck EM3500 allows you to change the advertisements on the go, you can show specific slides at one location and change them at the other.

LED Screen truck EM3500 carries a three side LED screen on the truck with its own generator and sound system. More and more people are moving on the roads and the truck screens can deliver your content anytime and anywhere.

Rental LED Screens

Rental LED Screens are great to provide large LED screens for an event. We carry a range of outdoor and indoor screens for an event. Rental screen can make a LED screen backdrop for the event stage and work seamlessly with the lighting and stage setups.

Rental screens can be build to meet a custom screen size requirements and are built on-site using truss. Based on the requirements, rental screens are a huge game changer for any event and provide great visual experience for indoor or outdoor events.

Video Production

Video production is the heart of delivering LIVE events on large LED Screens to the audience. We provide full video production facilities for LIVE events. We can provide latest video equipment – 4K Cameras, Drone videography, wireless and wired video camera with operators as well as on-site video mixers.

Our video production team have over 10 years of experience for LIVE video production, Video mixing and post event production facilities.

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We provide full servicing, repairs and replacement facilities for any type of LED Screens in Australia.

Our dedicated servicing centre is fully equipped with necessary tools, spares and testing facilities to accommodate growing needs for regular maintenance, monitoring, repairs or parts replacements for any LED/SMD screens.

We provide turnkey services and solutions for all types of LED screens and related hardware.

If you LED screen is broken or not working, give us a call and we would be able to help you.

Special Projects

Folding LED Screen Trailer

ePower Special Projects team is a specialists provider of custom engineered, built and commissioning LED screen projects. We provide custom LED screen solutions for our clients.

Folding LED Screen project has been commissioned by our client in Melbourne. The trailer carries a massive 5×3.1 mts LED screen that can be raised to 2.5 mts high from the ground providing a massive outdoor screen for the events.

LED Screen Truck

ePower special skills and engineering team delivered highly customised Digital Mobile LED Screen Trucks using state of art LED screens mounted on the two sides of the truck that can be raised up hydraulically and power all the control systems from the on-board generator set.

The Project has delivered three highly versatile Digital Mobile Billboards in Australia.

Custom Screen Trailers

Our LED screen trailer solutions and custom work is widely commended across Australia and we have delivered highly customised trailer LED screens for various clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and many other locations.

These projects have delivered robust solutions for events, advertising and signage. Our unrivaled custom designed trailer screens can be customised to carry various options for remote content delivery, monitoring and security features.

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