Digital Screen Billboards

New age billboards are the digital billboards that provide high ROI, higher outdoor exposure and are very flexible to advertise any content in few seconds.

Digital Billboards based on LED Screens for the Australian outdoor environment needs high brightness with protection from the outdoor elements. Epower Media have over 12 years of experience in providing large outdoor LED screens that can work ON-Demand and 24×7.

Digital screen advertising gives you the ability to instantly change ads, cycle messages or ads, include videos if you wish and also schedule multiple advertisers on one face. These deliver beautiful, sharp and crisp images and text to the outdoor audience revolutionising the outdoor media.

The digital screen boards/ Billboards deliver potential advertisements in a matter of seconds and are ideal for messaging as well as providing multiple opportunities for all.

We can provide solutions for In-Store LED screen displays/ billboards or Outdoor LED Screen Billboards to target your audience. We provide turnkey solutions for Single Side/ Double Side and or any type of custom LED screen display and our consultation includes – concept, design, production/fabrication, installation and even management of your large screen signage.

Our projects include commercial LED screens for signage and or large custom built screens to display your advertisements.

If you have a commercial property at an intersection and high traffic, you can grab an opportunity to install a LED Screen/ Digital Billboard. Call us for more information or email us through the contact page to discuss the details.

We are ready for our next Outdoor LED Screen Billboard Project!

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