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EPOWER Australia is a leader in mobile LED screens mounted on trucks and trailers and offers quintessential products and services for events, outdoor advertising campaigns, LED Screen Billboards, customized LED screen displays, Indoor screens for the stage backgrounds and much more.

We have broad range of products for your outdoor or indoor event or an outdoor mobile advertising campaign. We offer various options with our range of LED screens including video production, LIVE streaming, Multiple Video signal mixing and live editing.

Epower Australia is first to introduce a mobile LED digital screen truck to the Australian market in 2010. Since its inception the fleet of LED screen vehicles have increased and now we offer LED screen trucks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have grown to serve a large number of clientele across Australia over this short journey.

Epower Australia Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer and service provider for mobile and fixed LED Screens on trucks and trailers for common everyday events and outdoor advertising.

Based in Sydney, Epower Media has its own research and development team that design the screen solutions for its customers. We have delivered mobile screens, rental and fixed screens to our clients for past 8 years, Epower has provided customised solutions for varied requirements.

Latest hardware and software products that are specially designed and suited for Australian temperate conditions, back our screens and screen solutions.

We customise every product in detail, as required by our clients and have a successful record of value added after sales support and services.

For more information, on our range of products and services please contact us. Leading innovative new technologies that provide cutting edge solutions in LED products and services.

  • LED Screens – Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Event AV Management.
  • LIVE Video Production.
  • LED Screen Billboards.
  • Retail LED Screens.
  • Truck LED Screens.
  • Trailer LED Screens.
  • Curtain LED Screens.
  • Scoreboard LED Screens.
  • Shop display LED Screens.
  • Building LED Solutions.

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