Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are LED Screens Weather Proof?2017-06-21T21:03:17+10:00

All outdoor screens are specifically designed to stand harsh outdoor temperatures, rain, hail or snow. We provide screens that are IP65 rated for weather. These screens are designed to withstand the Australian weather conditions.

Remote Control Screens2017-06-21T21:03:26+10:00

The LED Screens can be controlled remotely. There are many variations of technology that are used to send the imagery to the screens remotely. Some use RF, GPRS or 3G/4G or any other network technology to connect and upload the image files. The internet can be used to connect to the screen. There are proprietary software or generic software such as LED Studio that are used to program the screens.

One can use a desktop or a laptop using internet or some other connectivity to connect and upload the image files to the screen.

Type of LED Screens2017-06-21T21:03:34+10:00

We offer a complete range of LED screens for displays, mobile screens and LED screen billboards. The LED Screens can be customised to any size and orientation to suit many applications.

Some of the popular screens are

  • Display Screens
  • Mobile LED Screens – LED Screen Trucks/ LED Screen Trailers
  • LED Screen Billboards
  • Rental LED Screens – Stage Backdrops/ Event Screens
  • Stadium Screens and Sport Displays
  • LED Curtain/ Mesh screens – Video walls/ Building wraps
  • LED Screen Signage – Scrolling LED signs or Static Screens for advertising
    And much more… We deliver any screen for your project.
Pixel Sizes and Viewing Distance2017-06-21T21:03:44+10:00

The term Pixel Pitch is a distance between the center of two adjacent LED’s. e.g. P10 pixel pitch LED screen would have a 10MM distance between the two cluster of LED’s. Each cluster of LED would consist of three RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED’s in a conventional screen and same applies for the SMD screen.


Viewing distance is the minimum distance from the screen for optimal viewing; P10 screen would have 10 Mts of minimum viewing distance and so on.

Type of LED’s2017-06-21T21:03:53+10:00

LED’s have evolved and revolutionised the lighting industry with energy saving lights and have been put to many other uses in various industries. LED technologies have evolved from standard cluster of red, green and blue to Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD). Most modern screens and lighting use the SMD modules.

Conventional LED’s are however better in brightness, colors, life and are used for most of the outdoor LED screens such as outdoor billboards and or mobile LED screen vehicles. SMD’s are used more for indoor screens.

What is LED Screen2017-06-21T21:04:03+10:00

LED screens have been around us for many years now, built with clusters of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are combined together in a sequence to make a LED screen. With combination of red, green and blue the basic colors they are controlled by the electronic control systems to display high resolution imagery. The LED’s are used in variety of ways – in screens, lighting and many other devices.

LED’s are highly efficient in making light from small voltages, have long life, are Eco-Friendly and much easier to control. We love LED’s!

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